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As a business coach, Keren Eldad is a trusted advisor to industry-leading executives, rising star start-up founders and elite entrepreneurs who are setting records at the leading edge of their fields and industries. Top CEOs and successful entrepreneurs have sought her out to help them make significant breakthroughs in the profitable growth of their business while revitalizing the energy and significance of their personal lives and elevating the unique and enduring imprint of the good they are doing in the world. Over the last three years, Keren has developed a measurably impactful and streamlined executive coaching process to this, while working with top organizations including:
Deutsche Bank, Luxottica, Estee Lauder Companies, LVMH Beauty, Salesforce, Sovos, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Beyond Capital, SierraConstellation Partners, YPO and more.

Corner Office Coaching offers you the opportunity to get a High Performance Profile (include online assessment -DISC, TrimetrixHD), and work one-on-one with Keren to uniquely and strategically build the most effective, customized and streamlined ways for you to hone in on what matters most, work less on what doesn’t, and live your best possible life. By walking you through the simple fundamental principles of success,
we will transform areas of stagnation and conflict for good.



• INSPIRE ENGAGEMENT: Inspire your team, attract and retain talent, understand your team, perfect its configuration and promote leadership and
engagement. This works leaves you with players who apply extra discretionary effort to their work.

• INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Understand and embody the psychology of success/elevate your team’s productivity by 20%+ each day, each week, month
and year using my signature exercises & templates.

• IMPROVE SALES RESULTS: Achieve a less stressful corporate culture of resilience, encourage true collaboration, and manifest higher sales revenue. FAST.


When it comes to choosing a coach, there are loads of contenders that talk a good game, but Keren actually makes it happen. Keren is a luxury business insider, a corporate former C level herself, which meant she could truly empathize with my situation, and give super relevant -as in: realistic and actionable- feedback. That was catalytic for me. Not only did she give me the clarity that I sought about the impact of my role currently and in shaping my and the company’s future, but she left me with a life-changing toolkit that I use daily to optimize my time, deconstruct overwhelm and simplify my approach to get even more done, shifting perspective to see the gift in every challenge. This tool kit is just as powerful in my professional life as in my personal life as a full time executive and working mother with a young family.

In terms of approach, Keren’s programs cover and convey a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. The structure is clear, logical and effective. She has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Keren herself – who is always 100% available to you – even well after coaching. Not only was the course both inspiring and challenging but Keren’s direct feedback for improving my mindset was invaluable, always delivered logically and with a calm that bubbled with positive, sparkly energy and sprinkled with brilliant humor. Not only did working with Keren have a profound and immediate impact on successfully shaping my career path with measurable goals and actions, but I also had oh so much fun! To work with Coach Keren is to commit to living the best version of your career and life.”

– Kristina Buckley Kayel
Van Cleef & Arpels Americas

“Keren is incredible at helping you demystify the fog, helping you clarify your thoughts, helping you find your purpose, helping you find your energy and helping you connect with what it is that actually drives you.”.
Having worked with me on and off for four years now, HoomanYazhari, a seasoned CEO, founder and board member, has hired me as coach to his billion-dollar teams, but also as coach and sounding board for his own epic success.

– Hooman Yazhari
CEO, Mobility Capital

“This was a life-changing experience for me. I got much more than I thought I would be getting. Not only did I gain clarity about what type of job I was supposed to get next or what type of step I am supposed to take in my career…I got so much more. I learned who I am and what I want. I’ve now started my own business, and it feels like a great fit. Finally”.
By the time Julia signed up for Private Coaching, she had reached a pivot point. She had already arrived at a place where she had gotten everything she wanted – the top-level job at a major fashion house, she had the lifestyle and the relationship – but she was not happy and not fulfilled. So when all that collapsed, she hired me. It clicked. Julia, who had not only struggled with a lack of clarity but had also struggled with imposter syndrome, she gained confidence and a mindset that was crystal clear about where she was going next. As a result, she has created a new fashion company that is sustainable, transformational, profitable and scalable.


“If you’re thinking about this but worrying about not having the time or the money: I don’t think you don’t have the time, and I definitely think you can afford it because it’s such a small investment in the overall scope of your entire life and to change the trajectory of your life…. And frankly, what your earning power can be just by virtue of finding out what you find out doing this work, and all the doors this opens.”.
When Tracy first began working with me, she was emerging from her first ten years of being an entrepreneur, having already built a very successful company (Hatch Beauty), established her family, and conquered what many might consider the summit. From the outside, everyone thought her life looked amazing. But on the inside, she was struggling to find real joy and happiness.
We worked together on recalibration. Instead of working externally (towards goals), we used my defined method to work internally to “untangle the knots.” That shift produced the biggest pivot in Tracy’s life and career to date. She has since launched a new thought leadership platformed, streamlined her offerings to be congruent with her vision for her next level. By her own account, she also got what she came for, waking up eager and tackling the days with more enthusiasm than ever before and less stress than ever before.


“I can’t imagine what my life would be like today without having worked with Keren. It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had.”.
When Margot began working with me, about a year ago, she was seriously confused about what she wanted to do with her career.
She was hitting every wall imaginable with every action she took seemingly coming up short and just making her grind harder and harder towards something she wasn’t even sure she wanted (sound familiar?).
Through the work, Margot says she found herself, as cliché as that sounds.

– Margot Janks
Coach and Tiffany & Co. Executive.

“I really can’t think of my life without Keren and without the tools she has given me.”
Eva joined as a seasoned superstar who was simply, in her words, “ready to take things to the next level.”
She’d been an investor for ten years, hailing from a lucrative career on Wall Street.
But she felt “stuck.” She’d been looking for places and inspiration to grow and had come up short.
She was in what she calls a BTS cycle: Busy Tired Stressed. There can be no growth or inspiration from there.
Working with me, Eva took the time to dig deep and untie the knots that were keeping her from truly going big.
She has learned how to leverage her time.
How to make the right decision from a place of calm and knowing (a “hell yes!”)
How to establish her profile as a thought leader.
And how to command an expanded portfolio that actually reflects her values and adds meaning to her life.

– Eva Yazhari
Beyond Capital Fund and Conscious Investor magazine, Author: The Good Your Money Can Do

“Working with Keren has been the best investment I made in my professional development and personal growth.”

– David Fudge
Founder, APLOS


  • Assessment (DISC) and pre-series review session
  • 12 one-hour in-person private coaching sessions with Coach Keren
  • 10 Videos, audio & worksheets

Overall program includes 4 months of private coaching.

Session Plan includes customized sequences, covering any of the following:

  1. Mindset Foundation/Why You Do What You Do
  2. Introduction to Servant Leadership
  3. Superstar Habits: Time Management, Focus & Discipline
  4. 5 Steps to Transforming Your Influence and Performance
  5. Executive Presence, Confidence & Risk
  6. Networking and Sales
  7. Accountability & Integrity
  8. Innovation & Creativity

9. The Myth of Motivation
10. How to Deal with Difficult People
11. How to Have Difficult Conversations
12. Negotiation: How to GET TO YES, and Get Past No
13. Assembling a Positive Team
14. New Rules: the Entrepreneurial Employee
15. Change Management
16. ROCK SOLID: The Principles of Building a Business and Legacy That Lasts Beyond Change

So.. are you IN?

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Coach Keren Eldad

Keren is the founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching, a Master Coach, Crisis Counselor, and an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur. Before launching her coaching enterprise, she served as the Head of Consumer Marketing for IWC, and as the Publisher of Surface Magazine. As such, Keren and her teams won a Webby, an EFFIE, AdWeek’s “Media Plan of the Year,” the ADC’s “Publisher of the Year,” a Red Dot Award – and many more.

A diplomat’s daughter, Keren gives her talks in five languages and can easily relate her message to anyone and everyone. Having served in the Israeli army and entered into coaching from crisis counseling, Keren believes in service as a way of life. Her talks focus on this cornerstone as a primary key to lasting success and happiness.

Keren holds a Masters in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics, and MBA from Columbia University. As a Coach, Keren is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Personal & Executive Coach (CPC, CEC), as well by TTI Success Insights as a C.P.B.A. and C.P.M.A. – Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line, and an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur.

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